Lantime M600

NTP-palvelin 19", 1U:n ja 3U:n mallit.

Toimitetaan oletusarvoisesti OCXO LQ-oskillaattorilla. Oskillaattorin tarkkuus maks. OCXO HDQ (1U) Rubidium (3U).

Oskillaattorien tekniset tiedot.

Display Vacuum fluorescent graphic display (VFD), 256 x 64 dots
Control elements Eight push buttons to set up basic network parameters and to change receiver settings
Status info Four bicolor LEDs showing status of:
- reference time
- time service
- network
- alarm
Frequency outputs 10 MHz via female BNC connector, TTL into 50 Ohm
Synthesizer 1/8 Hz up to 10 MHz via female BNC connector, TTL into 50 Ohm
Accuracy depends on oscillator (standard: OCXO LQ), look at oscillator options
Pulse outputs Pulse per second (PPS) and pulse per minute (PPM) via female BNC connectors, TTL into 50 Ohm, pulse width: 200msec, active high
Accuracy of pulse outputs Depends on oscillator option:
< ±250ns (TCXO, OCXO LQ)
Note: TCXO IS NOT available with M600
Interface Two independent serial RS232-interfaces, menu configurable
Optional Output Signals Additional Output Options::
This LANTIME comes with many additional outputs options: PPS, 10MHz, programmable pulse outputs (PPS, PPM, PPH, DCF_MARK ...), IRIG modulated and unmodulated time code, T1 / E1 telecom signals, Frequency Synthesizer - to name just a few. Contact us for your specific device configuration.
Data format of interfaces Baud rates: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 Baud
Data formats: 7N2, 7E1, 7E2, 7O1, 8E1, 8N1, 8O1
Time strings: Meinberg Standard-Telegram , SAT, Uni Erlangen (NTP), SPA, RACAL, Sysplex, NMEA0183 (RMC, GGA, ZDA), Meinberg GPS, COMPUTIME, ION oder Capture-Telegramm
Unmodulated time code output DCLS, TTL into 50 Ohm via female BNC connector, active high
Modulated time code output IRIG AM sine wave signal via female BNC connector:
3Vpp (MARK), 1Vpp (SPACE) into 50 Ohm
Generated time codes IRIG B002: 100pps, DCLS signal, no carrier, BCD time of year
IRIG B122: 100pps, AM sine wave signal, 1 kHz carrier, BCD time of year
IRIG B003: 100pps, DCLS signal, no carrier, BCD time of year, SBS time of day
IRIG B123: 100pps, AM sine wave signal, 1kHz carrier, BCD time of year, SBS time of day
IEEE1344: Code according to IEEE1344-1995, 100pps, AM sine wave signal, 1kHz carrier, BCD time of year, SBS time of day, IEEE1344expansion for date, time zone, daylight saving and leap second in Control Funktions Segment
AFNOR: Code according to NFS-87500, 100pps, AM sine wave signal, 1kHz carrier, BCD time of year, complete date, SBS time of day
Alarm output Synchronous state of the module, relay output (changeover contact)
NetworkInterface Standard: 4 x 10/100 MBit with RJ45 connector

Available Options:

  • 1 x 10/100 MBit and 3 x 10/100/1000 MBit (3GE) with RJ45 jack
Power supply Standard: 100-240 VAC
available DC variants: 100-240 VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC
Power consumption 30W
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Ports 1x USB Port in front panel:
- install firmware upgrades
- backup and restore configuration files
- copy security keys
- lock/unlock front keys
Supported Time String Formats Meinberg Standard Timestring, Uni Erlangen Timestring, SYSPLEX Timer, NMEA, Computime, ABB-SPA, SAT, Arbiter
Single-Board-Computer i386 compatible 500Mhz CPU, 128 MB RAM
Operating System of the SBC Linux with nano kernel (incl. PPSkit)
Network protocols OSI Layer 4 (transport layer) TCP, UDP
Network protocols OSI Layer 7 (application layer) TELNET, FTP, SSH (incl. SFTP, SCP), HTTP, HTTPS, SYSLOG, SNMP
Internet Protocol (IP) IP v4, IP v6
Network Autoconfiguration Support IPv4: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DHCP (RFC 2131)
IPv6: Autoconfiguration Networking - AUTOCONF
Network Time Protocol (NTP) NTP v2 (RFC 1119), NTP v3 (RFC 1305), NTP v4 (RFC 5905)
SNTP v3 (RFC 1769), SNTP v4 (RFC 2030)
MD5 Authentication and Autokey Key Management
Time Protocol (TIME) Time Protocol (RFC 868)
Daytime Protocol (DAYTIME) Daytime Protocol (RFC 867)
IEC 61850 Synchronization of IEC 61850 compliant devices by using SNTP
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) HTTP/HTTPS (RC 2616)
Secure Shell (SSH) SSH v1.3, SSH v1.5, SSH v2 (OpenSSH)
Telnet Telnet (RFC 854-RFC 861)
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) SNMPv1 (RFC 1157), SNMPv2c (RFC 1901-1908), SNMP v3 (RFC 3411-3418)
Form Factor Three different variants are available, standard version is:
19" module case, height: 44.5mm (1U), width: 483mm (84HP), depth: 350mm (Pic. middle)
optional available:
/TGP: 19" desktop case, height: 157mm (3U), width: 257mm (42HP), depth: 316mm (Pic. top)
/BGT: 19" module case, height: 132mm (3U), width: 483mm (84HP), depth: 260mm (Pic. bottom)
Ambient temperature 0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F
Humidity Max. 85%
Scope of supply Included in delivery is a MEINBERG outdoor antenna incl. mounting kit, pre-assembled antenna cable (except MRS, TCR and RDT models) and product documentation on USB storage.
Technical Support Meinberg offers free lifetime technical support via telephone or e-mail.
Warranty Three-Year Warranty
Firmware Updates Firmware is field-upgradeable, updates can be installed directly at the unit or via a remote network connection.
Software updates are provided free of charge, for the lifetime of your Meinberg product.
RoHS-Status of the product This product is fully RoHS compliant
WEEE status of the product This product is handled as a B2B category product. In order to secure a WEEE compliant waste disposal it has to be returned to the manufacturer. Any transportation expenses for returning this product (at its end of life)have to be incurred by the end user, whereas Meinberg will bear the costs for the waste disposal itself.
Additional Information Additional information about the Meinberg LANTIME family of NTP time servers and other LANTIME models can be found on the LANTIME NTP Time Server Family Page .